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Help spread the word about the great care pharmacists provide Ontario patients.
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See how Ontario pharmacists are making an impact on our care.
Watch: Students at the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy explain why it's important to take action now.

We are ready to help the government deliver more patient-focused care that delivers and greater health-care access in a more cost-effective way.

Pharmacists are among the most highly trained health professionals in the country.  They are accessible, convenient and cost-effective relative to visiting hospital emergency rooms for minor conditions and can open up capacity in physicians offices to deal with more serious patient issues.

94% of Canadians think favourably of their pharmacist — more than any other health care professional. 

Assistance with common ailments, provision of vaccinations and a greater role in advice and care are among the services Ontario patients would like from their pharmacists.   

The only thing preventing pharmacists from delivering what patients are looking for, and from using the skills they were trained with, is Ontario government policy and funding.  

We're asking the Ontario government to step up and treat pharmacists as valuable health care providers and local resources for patients across Ontario.

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The best part of my job is helping patients. The worst part about my job is not being able to do more."
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Let your MPP know that they can improve our healthcare system by allowing pharmacists to do what they’re trained to do and provide care in our communities. 

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