Pharmacists Care: Keeping medicinal cannabis under control

We believe that dispensing cannabis for a medical condition requires the advice of a trained health professional, and are concerned about the government's recent move to make recreational cannabis more available than medicinal cannabis.

Regulating recreational cannabis is an important step in helping keep illegal dispensaries off our streets and ensuring minors are protected through age restrictions and counter service by trained staff.

Pharmacists are highly-educated local health care professionals. It's in our patients' best interest that pharmacists have the ability to dispense medicinal cannabis.

Tell your MPP that you support pharmacists being allowed to dispense medicinal cannabis to patients.

Complete the form below to send a letter now to your local MPP, as well as Ontario Minister of Health, Eric Hoskins, and Premier Kathleen Wynne. Tell your representatives that you believe in Ontario's pharmacists and think they should be allowed to dispense medicinal cannabis to patients.