Pharmacists Care: Fighting the opioid crisis

Ontario has an opioid crisis. Instead of only relying on doctors and hospital emergency rooms to deal with the recent public health crisis of opioid abuse, we should be looking to pharmacists to help.

Pharmacists have the training and knowledge to help stop overdoses and deaths associated with opioid addiction and misuse. They know prescriptions inside-out, sometimes even better
than doctors, because they've spent years on the job and training at some of the best pharmacy schools in the world.

It's time let pharmacists do more to help fight Ontario's opioid crisis and provide the best level of care to patients.

Tell your MPP that you support pharmacists being allowed to do more to fight Ontario's opioid crisis

Complete the form below to send a letter now to your local MPP, as well as Ontario Minister of Health, Eric Hoskins, and Premier Kathleen Wynne. Tell your representatives that you believe in Ontario's pharmacists and think they should be allowed to do more to help fight the opioid crisis.