Pharmacists Care: Let pharmacists do more for patients

In most other provinces in Canada, pharmacists are able to diagnose and prescribe medication for common ailments like poison ivy, pink eye, and athlete’s foot, but in Ontario they can’t. Our only alternative is to wait for a doctor’s appointment or go to an emergency room.

Easily treatable minor issues are something Ontario's pharmacists are more than qualified to help patients with.

It's time to let Ontario's pharmacists do more for patients like they can in other Canadian provinces.

Tell your MPP that you support pharmacists being allowed to diagnose minor ailments and better help patients.

Complete the form below to send a letter now to your local MPP, as well as Ontario Minister of Health, Eric Hoskins, and Premier Kathleen Wynne. Tell your representatives that you believe in Ontario's pharmacists and think they should be allowed to do more to help patients.