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Keeping Medicinal Cannabis Under Control

Let your MPP know you think pharmacists should be responsible for dispensing medicinal cannabis in Ontario. 

What's this about?

As Canada continues to move towards the legalization of recreational marijuana, Ontario’s pharmacists want to ensure the health and safety of their patients prescribed medicinal cannabis is not overlooked. 

As it stands, patients in Ontario prescribed medicinal cannabis “fill” their prescriptions with a licensed producer, bypassing the care, advice and education they would usually receive about their prescriptions from their local and trusted pharmacy professional. But, medicinal cannabis needs to be treated like any other prescription medication -- administered and dispensed by a highly-trained and knowledgeable healthcare professional. 

Ontario’s patients rely on their pharmacists to educate them on how medications can potentially interact with each other. Pharmacists have access to a patient’s full medication history, know their allergies and serve as a patient’s last line of defence against harmful drug-drug interactions. And with availability of recreational cannabis increasing, it is more important than ever that patients have access to a trusted and knowledgeable healthcare professional like their local pharmacist. 

It’s time to let our pharmacists do what they’re trained to do and to do more for Ontario’s patients. 

Send a letter to your MPP today! Let them know that you think a trusted and local pharmacist should be responsible for dispensing medicinal cannabis in your community. 

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