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Let Pharmacists Do More For Their Patients!

Call on your MPP to improve our healthcare system in Ontario by allowing pharmacists to perform point-of-care testing. 

What's this about?

As highly-trained, trusted, and community-based healthcare professionals, Ontario's pharmacists play an important role when it comes to managing our everyday health. But they can and want to do more. 

Introducing point-of-care testing in Ontario would allow your local pharmacist to perform simple on-site tests to monitor for a variety of health conditions and also to determine your medication’s effectiveness and consult with your doctor on appropriate treatments. It’s about bringing health care closer to home for seniors or communities where clinical or laboratory testing is not readily available. And it would help alleviate the strain on our healthcare system, where long wait times create hurdles to Ontarians to access our otherwise world-class care. 

Ontario’s pharmacists are highly-trained, knowledgeable, and trusted healthcare professionals, and they want to do more for their patients. Point-of-care testing can help bridge a gap in our system and ensure all Ontarians have access to the healthcare they deserve. 

It’s time to let our pharmacists do what they’re trained to do and to do more for Ontario’s patients. 

Send a letter to your MPP today! Let them know that point-of-care testing in our pharmacies can help give Ontarians the care they deserve. 

Complete the form below to send a letter to your MPP. Let your representatives know that Ontario’s pharmacists should be allowed to do more for their patients.